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Current Issues and Complexities in Construction Payroll

OnDemand Webinar (79 minutes)

As the economy gains steam, the construction industry is finally beginning to pick up a little pace. At the same time, and perhaps counter-productively, the many federal and state laws aimed at regulating the construction industry's employment patterns are changing, identifying construction industry employers as particularly vulnerable to penalties resulting from payroll related audits. Thus, complying with federal, state and local payroll laws now is more important than ever, as employers in the construction industry look to find ways to regain the footing they had prior to the recent recession.

While payroll compliance may appear at first glance like a simple task, any employer can tell you that implementing payroll laws are more complicated than they appear. However, in the re-emerging construction market, understanding and compliance with these laws can provide employers with the opportunity for growth. In this OnDemand Webinar, we will cover the ways these laws can offer employers that opportunity for growth, while also providing avenues for employers to have a happy workforce, producing at the levels they need to rebound in the current economy.

Learning Objectives

  • You will be able to discuss current federal, state and local tax withholding trends.
  • You will be able to identify why the construction industry is vulnerable to IRS audits.
  • You will be able to explain Federal contracting laws.
  • You will be able to review trends in employee benefits.


Eric J. Gonzaga, Grant Thornton LLP
Ben Spector, Grant Thornton LLP



• Summary of Discussion Points

• Purpose of Presentation

Independent Contractor vs. Employee Worker Classification

• Why the Construction Industry Is Vulnerable to IRS Audits

• The Applicable Rules and Recent Developments at Both the Federal and State Level (Touching Briefly on the Nonemployment Tax Issues)

• Provide Guidance on How to Ensure Compliance With the IRS Rules and What Procedures and Processes Are Available to Avoid IRS Audits

• Structuring Independent Contractor Relationships and Recordkeeping

• Hypothetical 1 ' Practical Application of the Test

• Hypothetical 2 ' Documenting an Independent Contractor Relationship

• Hypothetical 3 ' IRS Identifies an Error

Current Federal, State and Local Tax Withholding Trends

• Overview of Federal Laws

• Reciprocity

• Nexus Issues/Consequences of Establishing Nexus in Different States for Multiple Work Site Projects

• How This Affects Employee Morale

• Hypothetical 1 ' Applying Federal Laws (Employer vs. Employee FICA, FUTA Rates, the OASDI Wage Base for 2012)

• Hypothetical 2 ' Unhappy Employee and Reciprocity Rules

• Hypothetical 3 ' Nexus for Multistate Construction Projects

Federal Contracting Laws and What Happens If the Government Opens More Subsidies for Infrastructure Spending

• Walsh-Healey Act and Davis-Bacon Act

• Contract Hours Act

• Practical Compliance Measures

Other Issues to Briefly Touch On

• Easing Administration of Payroll Through a Common Pay Agent

• Trends in Employee Benefits

• Establishing in Which State to Pay Unemployment Tax

• I-9 Compliance