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Current Issues in Nevada Construction Lien Law

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Understand how to comply with Nevada's legal requirements regarding payment remedies in the construction industry. Many contractors and suppliers enter into agreements not knowing what their rights are with regard to ensuring that they receive timely and proper payment for work which they perform or knowing what recent changes in the law may have occurred which affect those rights such as recent changes placing limits on the amount of retention which may be withheld in Nevada. This topic helps the person responsible for reviewing and entering into contracts to recognize key provisions which affect how and when payment will be made as well as identifying those provisions which are not enforceable in Nevada. The topic also helps the person responsible for perfecting and enforcing payment remedies when payment issues do arise. The topic explains what notices are required to be sent, when and to whom, in order to help ensure that all payment remedies are available in the event that timely payment is not received. This information is critical for understanding how to comply with Nevada's legal requirements regarding payment remedies for those in the construction industry. Compliance with the requirements can mean the difference between getting paid or not on a construction project.


Brian J. Pezzillo, Howard & Howard


Mechanic's Liens

• Lien Prerequisites

• Perfecting the Claim of Lien

• Enforcement and Collection of Mechanic's Lien

Nevada Private Work Prompt Pay Act

• Payment Timelines

• Right to Stop Work

• Validity of Contract Provisions

Public Work's Payment Remedies

• Claim Prerequisites

• Perfection of Payment Bond Claims

• Public Works Prompt Payment Act

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