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Current Issues in Illinois Construction Lien Law

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Be aware of the pitfalls, challenges, and requirements involved in Illinois Lien Law.Many contractors are aware that they have mechanics lien rights against projects to secure payment for their unpaid work. However, they are unaware of the pitfalls, challenges, and requirements that the law sets forth to utilize this powerful tool. The Illinois Mechanics Lien Act, as well as the Illinois Public Construction Bond Act, are very technical and present difficult issues even for the most experienced attorneys. In this topic, experienced construction litigation attorneys Mark B. Grzymala and Beata Bukranova will navigate through this complex area of law. They will provide a brief overview of what a lien is and its requirements along with the benefits of asserting a lien claim. They will then focus on identifying the pitfalls in asserting a mechanics lien claim and present the best practices to minimize the risks in order to maximize recovery.


Beata Bukranova, A Law Team Mark B. Grzymala, Grzymala Law Offices, P.C.



• The Mechanics Lien Claim and Its Benefits

• Requirements for a Lien Claim

• General Contractors vs. Subcontractors

Mechanics Liens on Private Construction Projects

• Perfection of Lien Claim and Deadlines

• Enforcement of a Mechanics Lien

• Bonding Over a Mechanics Lien Claim

• Contract and Change Order Issues

Protection of Contractor Rights Against Public Projects

• Lien Claims Against State or Local Projects

• Bond Claims Against State or Local Projects

Bankruptcy and Other Challenges

• The Automatic Stay

• Condominiums and Mixed-Use Projects

• Challenges to Liens

• Attorney's Fees

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