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10 New Tips for Managing FMLA Leave

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Protect your organization from legal hardships concerning FMLA leave. Know how to successfully manage employees on leave.Managing leaves of absence under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) has become increasingly difficult in recent years. While technology has improved employers' ability to track their employees' absences, it also can complicate the process of determining whether an employee is requesting FMLA leave, and what type of notice of FMLA leave is sufficient under the current regulations. It is important that employers understand how to get value from the certification and recertification process, and curb abuses of intermittent FMLA leave. This topic helps human resource and other professionals who handle these issues on a daily basis to understand how to manage all facets of FMLA leave, and how to enforce an FMLA-compliant attendance policy. Learn how to avoid FMLA retaliation claims, and deal with employees who decline FMLA. Failing to comply with the FMLA's notice and tracking requirements, and not properly approaching the discipline of an employee who has requested or taken FMLA leave when performance issues emerge, are some of the most common errors employers make in complying with the FMLA. This information, which will rely upon the most recent regulations and case law, is critical for employers so they can avoid the common pitfalls associated with FMLA compliance.


Wayne E. Pinkstone, Fox Rothschild LLP


How to Determine FMLA Coverage and Eligibility

• Types of Leave

• Covered Employers, Including Joint and Integrated Employers

• Procedures

• Potential Causes of Action for Failure to Comply

How to Comply With the FMLA's Notice Requirements in the Digital Age

• Determining What Kind of Employee Notice - Texting? - Is Sufficient

• Ensuring Best Practices for Delivery of FMLA Notices

• Dealing With the Employee Who Declines FMLA

How to Get the Most out of Certifications of Health Care Providers

• Pinning Down Unknown or Omitted Information in the Certification

• Using a Job Description or List of Essential Functions Proactively

How to Curb Abuses of Intermittent FMLA Leave

• Enforcing an FMLA-Compliant Attendance Policy and Training Managers in Its Application

• Getting Value From the Recertification Process

• Addressing Information That Casts Doubt on the Employee's Stated Reason for the Absence

How to Avoid FMLA Retaliation Claims

• Anticipating the Pitfalls of Having Employees Work While on Leave

• Dealing With Performance or Disciplinary Issues at the Appropriate Time

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