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Paralegal's Guide to Dealing With Difficult Clients

OnDemand Webinar (86 minutes)

Learn techniques to identify and effectively respond to difficult clients to turn them into satisfied clients.Most paralegals are on the 'front lines' when dealing with difficult clients. This topic will help paralegals and the attorneys that supervise them recognize why clients are 'difficult' and how to prevent them from ever becoming 'difficult' in the first place. It will also give legal professionals strategies for dealing with 'difficult' clients so that they can help these clients more effectively.


Robert Greening, GreeningLaw, P.C.


What Is a Difficult Client?

• What Makes a Difficult Client?

• Is It You or Is It Them?

• Can You "Fix" a Difficult Client?

How to Deal With a Difficult Client

• External Policies and Procedures

• How to Train Your Client

• How to Grade Your Clients/ Give Them a Report Card

Your Client's Report Card

• What to Do With A, B, and C?

• What to Do With D and F?

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