Colorado's New Background Check Law Blocks 10 Buyers

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September 11, 2013 — 1,434 views  
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The universal law which has recently been passed and much debated on in the State of Colorado requires that a background check should be done before anyone in the state can purchase a gun. In the first month from when the law was passed ten people were denied from being able to buy guns and ammunition.

Democrats for the Law

There are two different perspectives that are evident, and both parties are using the same figure to their benefit and supplementing their arguments with it. The Democrats were the ones behind financing the bill, and have taken the stand that ten people were denied because the law is working, and criminals have been denied guns.

Also, they have stated that at least from the seller’s perspective, they may now sell guns to only those who should have them. Others who have a criminal record and wish to purchase weapons may have bought earlier when the law was not passed, and the seller would feel guilty of providing a shady character with means to hurt others in their surroundings.

Republicans against the Passing of the Law

The Republicans, on the other hand, state that ten people out of close to six hundred total buyers in the month is not even 3% of the populous. They also mention that while the law was being processed the Democrats had given a figure of 40%. As such a small percentage has been denied it seems unnecessary that such a law has to pass as it has not made much of a difference except that there is more interference with the lives of law abiding civilians.

Another thing that some Republicans implied was that there may not even be ten people that were denied guns. However, even if the figures are fact, then it shows how minor a difference it makes if the government tries to micromanage the lives of civilians so much. There are many such people against the passing of this particular bill in the state of Colorado.

Law is Functional and in Effect

However, the law has already been passed and has been functioning for over a month so it seems to be that people will just have to get used to the new law. Whether the ten denials was a failure or a success, fact is that the law prevented those who did not pass a background check. In these cases, there are always compromises that have to be made while taking such decisions.

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