Google Launches Online Constitution Archive

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September 25, 2013 — 1,462 views  
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The constitution is said to be the building block of a country. It is where the rights of the people are maintained and it delegates the powers of the rulers over the citizens. It serves three basic functions – the rules of the government system and how the country should be run, protecting the right of the citizens, and protecting democratic principles. It creates a clear demarcation of the responsibilities that are allotted to the three vital organs of the country – executive, judiciary, and legislation. The main purpose of a constitution is to provide a recipe for an efficient government as well as the restriction of power within the government itself.

Google, which is considered to be one of the biggest companies in the world, has decided that the constitution plays a pivotal role for the government and serves as a guideline for upcoming ones as well. This has led them to launch an online website that will archive all the constitutions of the world so that the people can have a better idea of their own constitution and the constitution of other countries as well. The purpose behind this is that they want to take the physical constitution and organize it in an online medium so that it is available for anyone on the Internet. It also aims to help governments who are going through a constitutional process to draw inspiration from the constitutions of other countries.

What was the Inspiration Behind the idea to Launch the Archive?

As stated before, one of the aims of the website is to help those governments who are recovering from a constitutional breakdown, to seek advice and help from an online database of constitutions from all over the world. Instead of having to physically read through the constitutions, governments can directly access them on the Internet more quickly and efficiently. Google had thought of the idea to begin the site back in 2008, when there was a constitutional reform in Afghanistan and Iraq. The company had realized that there is no resource that can help detail the standard constitutional provisions and that an online archive would solve this problem.

About the Archive

The website would have the URL of The site aims to help those people who are drafting different constitutions around the world to see the constitutions which were compiled by other countries in the past. The Tunisian President, Moncef Marzouki, who was one of the delegates present at the launch stated that the site will be vital for those countries who are struggling to come up with an electoral law and constitution after the 2011 revolution.

This project can be accessed by different users around the globe to search for different constitution by the year they were created or by the country that they are from. The site is further subdivided into different themes such as judicial autonomy, citizenship, and foreign policy. This site is created with the sole purpose of helping people that are drafting a constitution to be equipped with all the resources possible. It will also make people more knowledgeable about their own constitution and the constitutions of other countries as well.

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