How a Government Shutdown Actually Works

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September 25, 2013 — 1,518 views  
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The Senate and the House are supposed to agree upon a bill which dictates the manner in which they are going to fund the federal government. The final date for the processing of this bill is the 30th of September 2013. Now that there is hardly any time before the final decision has to be made, there is quite a bit of panic among the masses. People are starting to predict that there may be a government shutdown pretty soon.

The fear is not misguided, because it is evident that even now there has been no agreement between the two parties as per these government funds. This could lead to a series of things that would cause absolute unrest among civilians. In every sphere, there will be mismanagement and unlawful behavior, simply because the legal bodies will be completely dysfunctional for a period of a few weeks until the shutdown is over.

Dysfunctional Health Care Facilities

The last time there was such a shutdown, the health sphere saw many discrepancies that harmed citizens’ lives very adversely. National health institutes had stopped functioning, which meant that there was no care provided for new patients. New patients were in fact refused treatment, and the telephone hotlines that were available to the public were no longer attended to.

This means that even people with severe ailments could not be provided treatment because of the government shutdown, and those who tried to solve their problems from home were not given the required assistance. Even centers which were responsible for monitoring a new disease and the activity of germs stopped working during this time.

Law Enforcement and the Possession of Illegal Firearms

In the case of law enforcement, it was seen that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms had completely stopped the processing of firearm and alcohol applications. This means that those who were not eligible by law were still provided with these goods.

Close to four thousand bankruptcy cases were left unresolved, and so were a lot of cases regarding child support. The citizens of the country took the brunt of the government shutdown when it happened about two decades ago, and it has been predicted that it will be far worse if one happens now. Even the border patrol was left understaffed due to this event which could have made illegal immigration far easier to happen.

Illegal Trading Activity

Regulatory agencies such as the EPA and the Securities and Exchange Commission were almost entirely shut down during this event previously. This meant that there were tons of rules that were violated and many different illegal activities which took place in the commodities and futures trading platforms.

Without official documentation there were a number of scams that were unaccounted for and many people lost a lot of money. Insider trading was probably very common as there was nobody to keep a check on such activity. The decision is still pending on a government shutdown, but time is of the essence.

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