Strategies for Locating People Online for Paralegals

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October 7, 2013 — 1,531 views  
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There are many different reasons why you may have to find someone through an online platform. Most commonly, professionals do background checks by locating people on certain social networking websites and gain information from the different people that the applicant is associated with, and also from the information shared on the site itself.

Sometimes, however, there are issues with this procedure because the information is not always correct. People often put up false information about themselves to protect their true identities for personal or professional reasons. Therefore these background checks are to be done very carefully.

There could be a good chance that your client will not give you fully correct data. Information is your strongest asset. If what you are presented with hides some part of the story which is discovered by the opposition you will be in a very difficult situation and may even lose some credibility in the eyes of the panel.

There may even be times when you will have to get involved in locating people who may be relevant in the case. This is irrespective of whether the person is related to your client or the opposition. In either case, you may have to do this on the sly, and everybody has a right to look people’s profiles up on the Internet.

Identify Who is Relevant and Who is Not

The difficulties now are mainly regarding the sorting of the large amount of information the Internet presents to you. Through such networking sites, you will have a list of hundreds of names who are related to the person. One strategy is to check multiple profiles of the same person on different websites.

This way, you can compare separate profiles and identify a small list of people who are present in both professional as well as personal profiles. These people are most certainly more important than the rest on the profiles on a personal level. You have already simplified your task to a great extent.

Understanding the Psychology of the Person

If you are to present something, you have to create value out of the raw data that you have in front of you. Understanding an individual just through data put online may be a difficult task, but you can at least figure out different preferences that the person has with ease. Certain posts will help you see what new interests are.

More vital than interests is the section where professional details are listed. Just through an online search, you can find out about the schooling, qualification and work experience of a person. This may provide you with key information about what skills the individual has and what they are capable of with their training and field of specialization.

Locating people through the Internet is simply the first step. It is always advisable to find out the addresses or contact details of these individuals and then going personally. A personal touch makes it easier for others and easier for you to pick up on body language and unspoken cues as well.

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