Could Legal Costs be Cut Using Skype?

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October 23, 2013 — 1,584 views  
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The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Thomas of England and Wales, was quoted saying that legal costs could easily be cut down if meetings with out-of-station lawyers were contacted through Skype. While meetings with lawyers within London could easily be arranged, various online services could have the effect of breaching traveling and stay costs for brief consulting or meetings. The high costs coming from legal bills could easily be brought down to some extent by incorporating this suggestion.

Whether it will be accepted or not is still a debatable topic, but at least there is on-going discussion about how easy this would become. As stated in his formal speech, this is the era of online platforms and the Internet. It is used so widely and commonly that most people know how to use it and have access to it. They are also comfortable with the different features available, and can in fact reduce the extremely high costs that come out of legal proceedings.

Small Steps to Making Large Difference is Expenditure

Though this is a small start to cutting down some of the expenses relating to the entire process, it is a good place to start and does make a substantial difference to clients. The cut in expenditure could make it easier for those who belong to lower categories of the economic strata to manage their finances while involved in cases. It also makes it far easier and quicker for clients to get advice from lawyers and attorneys who are not residing in the nation.

Attorneys Who are Paid by the Hour Unhappy about Move

There are many people against this too. The downside is that attorneys will not be able to charge such high rates, because their costs will effectively come down. Also, since most lawyers charge by the hour, a lot of time is saved using Facetime or Skype, or any such software, rather than making a physical appearance.

However, the major implication of the speech was that it allows clients to question and get back to their lawyers at any time they need, instead of having to schedule an appointment and worrying about how much it would cost them to do so. The justice system is integral in any society, and its process should be a simplified one which does not burden any party involved. This may be a major step in increasing the efficiency of the legal framework.

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