Top Five Apps for Paralegals

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November 15, 2013 — 2,262 views  
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As a paralegal or legal assistant for a law firm, you hold an important position with the responsibility of ensuring uniformity and order within the firm. In your role, timing and precision are everything. To find success in your line of work, it is important for you to deliver accurate and reliable work on time and according to a strict schedule. With such a demanding role, you could turn toward technology and find the best tools that can help you complete your tasks smoothly. Let's take a look at the top five apps for paralegals that should surely benefit you:

  1. Court Days – Like we mentioned earlier, timing is an important element for success in the legal profession. For instance, missing a court date means missing out on a critical opportunity and opening the doors to a multitude of other problems. With the Court Days app, you will be able to keep a track of certain deadlines and court dates. The software offers the option to choose your legal calendar based on the jurisdiction under which you work. It even allows you to customize your own calendar of court holidays. With the option to forward your date calculations by mail, this is one of the most useful apps for paralegals.
  2. Burton's Legal Thesaurus – What app would be better than one that the American Bar Association Journal recommends? This handy program contains 8,000 terms, definitions, parts of speech, and synonyms related to the legal world. In addition to the standard legal terms, it also gives you information on terms that are unique to the current world of law. The app offers a dynamic word search as you type and also does transcriptions facilitating pronunciation.
  3. PocketJustice – When working as a paralegal or legal assistant, one of your basic responsibilities is to stay up-to-date on Supreme Court rulings as well as the factors that influenced the Justice to come to such conclusions. PocketJustice is one of the most useful among the available free apps for paralegals. It gives you an update on the details of latest rulings and helps you form a strong understanding of the latest trends in the legal world.
  4. Paralegal Pocket Guide & Prep – An app specifically designed for paralegals, the Paralegal Pocket Guide & Prep helps you prepare for your Certified Legal Assistant exam. Through this program, you will be able to learn 500 legal definitions, Latin legal terms, and concepts that are commonly used. In addition, the app also offers a legal dictionary, flashcard, and multiple-choice quizzes to help you build your knowledge and understanding of the legal profession.
  5. Time Master + Billing – As a paralegal or legal assistant, one of your main tasks would be to keep up with the billing of an attorney. Additionally, you will also need to keep a track of the sea of legal functions that go hand in hand with your job. Since legal billing involves meticulous calculation and management, you may want to make your job easier with one of the most efficient billing apps for paralegals. The Time Master + Billing app comes with a number of features to help you with time tracking and billing. It comes with a time-rounding feature and also allows you to export time-sheets and schedules for printing or email.

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