ObamaCare "Navigators" Caught Encouraging Applicants to be Dishonest on Applications

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November 13, 2013 — 1,446 views  
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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, generally called the Affordable Care Act, or simply ‘ObamaCare’, refers to a recent federal statute (2010) that regulates the healthcare system of the United States. Recent findings point towards immense political fraud.

'Navigators’ are those who are assigned to make the signing up process for the coverage of health care easier. Counselors who are responsible for navigating people through the process have been caught on camera trying to convince people to provide false information and skip the right procedure involved.

Navigators of the Program Under Scrutiny

The events have been made public and ObamaCare navigators are under harsh scrutiny because of their attempts to provide wrong advice to clients. The fraud goes to the extent of producing false information on mandatory Government forms and evading requirements by the law to get through the process without any hassles. Almost 50,000 people are under the scanner for the same.

Money Through Community Organizations and Non-Profits

The Department of Health and Human Services has now come in and discovered that a portion of funds gained out of non-profits aimed at hiring navigators goes to ACORN, a group that has already been under certain controversial circumstances before. Navigators amass large sums of money through grants that they get from different organizations like the national Health and Human Services, Gateway to Care, the National Urban League, Planned Parenthood, and Change Matters.

As of now, the tally is about $67 million in earnings to organizations that hire such navigators. Premiums increase because of the false information provided and the different techniques implied to bypass the legal system. Quite a few members of the staff are not even fully trained though Obamacare promises to have vetted officials running the program.

Political Connections and Bypassing Legal Procedures for Higher Premiums

Background checks are done sparsely and clients have been advised to hide taxable income from secondary sources to maintain the eligibility to avail of the benefits of the program. Additionally, though officials in charge state that the organization is a 501(c) and that the non-profit has no political goals, volunteers in the program believe it to be affiliated to the DNC. This has brought up a number of questions regarding the ACA and how things are running. The news threatens to unveil a huge political scam that may even upset the system.

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