ObamaCare Enrollment Climbing Slowly

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December 26, 2013 — 1,315 views  
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ObamaCare has picked up pace, and has been able to secure a good number of jobs for many American citizens, but still, it has a rather long way to go before it can meet its targets. As of now, ObamaCare has successfully met only about 10% of all the targets. In some states, it has done far worse than this figure.

However, the organization has faced much negativity from the media and other sources. Continuing their battle with rumors and defamation, they hope to increase their success stories to a greater percentage over the next year. There have been a number of enrollments that have taken place. Every month, over 100,000 people sign up for health plans. Unfortunately, meeting targets was extremely important for the enterprise to save face.

Targets Seem To Be Slightly Out Of Reach

Now that only a small percentage of targets have been met, ObamaCare will have to strive to improve results before the next report comes out. The administration had a projection of 7 million American enrollments by March 31, 2014. This seems rather impossible to hit now that there are only 365,000 enrolled. Even though the figures are not strongly optimistic, HHS officials maintain that they will soon hit their goal.

HHS continues to stand on its point that they are on track because there are evidently 2 million enrollments in total. However, the organization has a large amount of paperwork to fill out and the backlog has affected their public statement. It is also expected that a substantial portion of the enrollments will be made towards the closing of the six month process.

Main Focus and Future Outlook of ObamaCare

As of now, the main priority of the organization is to mend erroneous enrollments. Apparently there might be a good number of people whose forms are still under processing. This is because of the various errors that are present in the federal website, especially with regard to the processing of the 834 forms. Taking care of these errors is the main focus of the organization now that the deadline is soon approaching. By December 23, the organization must reconcile all errors that have been made due to the failure on the part of the online portal.

The positive outlook of HHS comes from the site traffic that has been seen. Administration has announced that there have been close to 40 million hits on the site. Nearly 30 million have been on the HealthCare.gov site.

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