House Approves Raising the Debt Limit

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February 14, 2014 — 1,395 views  
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In a development that would come as a relief for the Obama administration, the House of Representatives voted in favor of raising the government's borrowing limit unconditionally till March next year. The raising of the debt ceiling was a decision made by the speaker in what was a very close contest, with the result being 221-201. The victory came as a surprise in a house dominated by the Republicans. The Democrats won only because there were 28 Republicans who defied the party order and voted with the Democrats including the House speaker John Boehner of Ohio. This vote not only raised the credibility of the US to govern properly in spite of sharp difference among their representatives, but also brought about a deep divide in the ranks of the Republicans.

Voice of discontent against the speaker

With this decision, many Republicans believe that the speaker gave president Obama something which he wanted without the president having to make any effort. The workers of the party feel embarrassed, but they do understand that it was only for a good cause as the world was questioning the financial standing of the government. Some of the Tea-Party Patriots feel that the vote was a failure on the part of speaker and question his ability to lead the house. The Republican senator of Texas urged his fellow party people to stand united in times of economic trouble.

John Boehner coming under severe scrutiny

Boehner once was responsible for raising high expectations around the debt ceiling limit but amazed everyone when he decided to let go of the debt ceiling increase. Most Republicans balked at the suggestion and only a few came out to support him. His supporters though are confident that an increase in the government's borrowing authority will avoid any damage to the party. They are hopeful because although their latest decision has given the lead to the Democrats, they are not going to stay quiet for long.

Some of the new Republican representatives were willing to forgive and forget. The leaders of some states though are clearly raising a voice of dissent against the speaker and it is gathering a lot of support which may soon lead to Boehner stepping down from his position. However, the majority of the Republicans are willing to forget this dark chapter and are looking ahead to prepare for the 2014 election campaign.


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