Top Five Apps for Paralegals

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April 23, 2014 — 6,165 views  
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Technology has entered every sphere of our lives. Cell phones, especially smartphones, have brought technology to our fingertips. Apps geared towards making us more efficient in our work have grown in numbers. It is no different for paralegals. They run a tight schedule and work on several things at the same time. Let’s take a look at five apps that can make their jobs a little easier.

Black’s Law Dictionary

This app contains over 43,000 legal terms that a paralegal can refer to at a moment’s notice. The Black’s Law Dictionary has been used by lawyers and paralegals for over a century and now this app brings all that information to your smartphone. It can be accessed at any time and isn’t bulky. It is a bit expensive though, but considering its utility the money spent is worth it.

Burton’s Legal Thesaurus

Writing legal documents, memos, and even daily correspondence is an important part of a paralegals job. Wasting time on searching for the right word or term can be detrimental to the client’s case. Burton’s Legal Thesaurus comes in handy in such situations. It has more than 8000 legal terms, the definitions and even synonyms that you can browse through. It is not as in-depth as Black’s Law Dictionary, but does serve an immediate purpose. It will improve your efficiency and accuracy. This is a paid app as well.

Court Days

Missing a court date is a catastrophe. Court Days allows paralegals to keep a track of court dates, number of days between two court dates, and much more. You can even mail these date calculations to yourself. This makes case management a lot easier for a paralegal. This app can’t be the only scheduling strategy that a paralegal uses, but it is an additional tool.


It is necessary for a paralegal to stay abreast of all rulings and the reasons for those rulings made at the Supreme Court. PocketJustice enables just that through a few simple clicks on your phone. You can also look up the top 100 constitutional laws and graphic representations of votes on the app. Paralegals can identify the currents trends in cases, which can be of great assistance to their work.

Time Master+Billing

Often paralegals need to take care of the lawyer’s billing. This is an unfortunate additional task entrusted with paralegals, but a reality. Time Master+Billing is the perfect app in this scenario. It’s a combination of a scheduling tool and billing calculator.

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