How To Trace Emails Set Up With Fake Information

Ed Opperman
February 15, 2011 — 1,785 views  
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Are you wondering if it's still possible to trace an email back to the sender even if the information used to create the email address is all fake? If you are receiving harassing or annoying emails and it's obvious that the information used to open the email account is fake you can still trace that email. A reverse email search investigation can still obtain the real name and address and or phone number of the actual person that is using the email address.

Many times when a cyber stalker or bully sets out to begin a campaign of harassment they will take steps to conceal their identity. One such step may be to create a new email account and use completely fictitious information when creating the account. They do this because they think it will make it more difficult to be traced and identified.

While it is true that this simple attempt to conceal their true identity may work on an instant people search that you may find online it will not even slow down an experienced investigator trained in reverse email search investigations In fact a seasoned investigator will assume that the information used to open the account is false.

Any investigator that is serious about tracing an email back to the sender to locate or identify the actual owner will assume that any information entered by the cyber stalker is false. They will also assume that any information a cyber bully used to create an online profile or writes in their communications is also false or a lie. The investigator will only rely on information he or she obtains themselves and only if that information can be confirmed.

For instance when tracing an email and investigator will also examine and analyze the email headers. But even then they will look carefully to see if the headers have been forged or tampered with. many times a stalker will try to use a proxy server to mask their IP when sending an email. So even this information must be carefully scrutinized before jumping to conclusions.

Another factor to deal with is public computer. Many times a stalker will travel to a public library or even try to tap into a neighbors WIFI before sending an email. So even if an investigator can obtain an IP address from a header they have to take into consideration the possibility that the stalker has changed his location to hide their identity.

To the average person it may seen hopeless or impossible to locate or identify a stalker but the fact is that each and every one of these attempts is well know to the savvy email investigator and is taken into consideration when tracing an email address back to the sender in order to locate or identify a cyber bully. The stalkers may think they're smart but they're no match for the investigators that have seen every trick in the book and deal with this kind of thing everyday.y.


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