Paralegal Duties - The Job Description Of A Paralegal Assistant

Scott Salter
May 17, 2011 — 1,701 views  
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The experience and assistance of paralegal professionals proves to be extremely beneficial to the lawyers in delivering legal services to their clients economically and efficiently. Broadly speaking, paralegal duties entail collection and organization of all the necessary data and records required by the lawyer for the concerned court cases.

Being meticulous and to have a thorough knowledge of legal formalities and terms is one of the most important requirement for a paralegal. This is because the nature of work of a paralegal is almost the same as that of an attorney.

The foremost duty of a paralegal is to draft documents. Writing legal reports and documents may take much of the time of many legal assistants. Hence, good written and communication skills with appropriate spelling, punctuation and grammar are necessary for them. They may have to draft documents for litigation, contracts, separation agreements and other such tasks. Therefore, complete command over the language is important.

Moreover, many paralegals also offer their services outside the office of attorneys. For uncomplicated proceedings and assistance in completing some official paper work without any legal advice, paralegals are definitely the best and the most affordable option available for the people.

The responsibilities and duties of a paralegal vary a lot according to their area of specialization and experience. For instance, duties of a paralegal who deal in real estate matters are a lot different than other paralegals. They have to run title searches over properties along with various other tasks such as preparing for transaction closings for real estate.

Furthermore, they prepare for trials under the supervision of lawyers. They provide their suggestions about the method in which the case can be litigated. Also, paralegals are responsible to reveal the necessary information and facts that relate to the trial. You may even find them interviewing witnesses and clients to verify the data that pertains to the trial.

Conducting legal research and factual research are some other duties that are included in the job profile of a paralegal.

Although many duties of these legal assistants are similar to those of the lawyers, there is a broad distinction in the duty of the two professionals. While the lawyers can represent the case in the court, set legal fees or offer legal advice, a paralegal has no authority to carry out these tasks.

Last but not the least, your educational qualification and knowledge in the legal field is a great determiner of your career prospects and salary as a paralegal. Apart from this, nowadays, computer skills of MS office and good typing speed are also essential for paralegals. Now that you are well acquainted with paralegal duties and know about what does a paralegal do, you might like to join in the profession. If yes then good luck to you!



Scott Salter