Law Firm Social Media on Every Channel

Kevin Waddel
June 28, 2011 — 1,625 views  
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Social media is being utilized each day by a wide array of people. It is no longer young individuals and celebrities, but now a multitude of individuals including executives, organizations and companies. Within this new broad spectrum of social media users is a place for law firm social media. Here are some ways law firms can use each channel of social media.


Blogger: Having a blog for your law firm allows your lawyers to show off what they know. Encouraging your lawyers to post about relevant topics will increase your law firms' position as an expert resource in your practice area. This increases your law firms thought leadership and demonstrates to onlookers that your lawyers are up to date on the latest information in the legal sector.


Facebook: Having a Facebook page for your law firm lets you connect with audiences that are using this social media platform. On Facebook, you can post statuses, pictures and relevant links to be seen by those that access your page. Unlike a traditional website, Facebook allows users to comment and write directly on your page. This allows for two-way communication between your law firmand Facebook users.


LinkedIn: This social media platform is essential for law firm social media. Creating your own LinkedIn group and joining others relevant to law will connect you with various other professionals of law. Participating in discussions and using LinkedIn as a resource will provide your law firm with up to date information on the industry. LinkedIn can assist in making important connections and providing your law firm with new opportunities.


Twitter: By having a Twitter account, your law firm social media will come alive through engaging in two-way conversation with other legal professionals and potential clients. A Twitter account should be used multiple times a day, through responding to tweets and posting relevant information.


YouTube and Flickr: You may consider using these social media platforms as a way to connect in your law firm internally. Posting pictures from the firm's annual retreat or from a legal conference. You may also consider using YouTube to create a video holiday greeting that can be posted on the blog or shared via Facebook and Twitter.


In order to fully take advantage of all the possibilities of law firm social media, it is important to be connected and streamlined on all channels. Be relevant and informed when posting and communicating.


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