Proofreading Tips and Pointers

March 16, 2012 — 1,755 views  
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You don't have to be a professional writer to benefit from proofreading your daily written communications. Typos, grammar mistakes and wrong word choices can all slip through the cracks. However, by integrating time-tested proofreading techniques into your writing, you can reduce the risk of sending a client or colleague any text that is riddled with mistakes.

Here are three proofreading tips:

1. Read your work out loud. It may sound silly, but reading your own work back to yourself in a slow and concise manner can help weed out run-on statements and typos.

2. Print it out. Many of us read text on the screen versus paper differently. Consider printing out important correspondence and proofreading it over a few times with a pen in hand to mark down any corrections.

3. Check the common mistakes. When you are in a rush to write an email or type out a project on a deadline, it can become easy to make common contraction mistakes such as mixing up "their," they're" or "there." Read them all over while you keep in mind the context of the sentence and the subject matter.