Tips and Tricks to Verifying Facts

March 21, 2012 — 1,622 views  
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In an effort to perform services well and ensure accuracy, a professional must be sure they get the facts right. Even the simplest mistakes can lead to confusion and mistrust from the audience. Verifying facts takes time, effort, resources and due diligence from a team of people. However, the entire process starts and ends with the work the original writer put in to ensure they are creating a credible document that is factually sound.

Here are a two tips and tricks to verifying facts:

1. Ensure correct identification. It may seem a simple process to correctly identify a person. However, more than a few court cases, suits and documents were filed or discarded because of mis-identification. Ask all correspondents or individuals to spell names out and repeat what you have written down back to them. Then do the same for their address. Consider verifying what you have been told with records from the town hall, landlord or other trustworthy sources.

2. Check your numbers. Typos or miscalculations can add up quickly and throw a document and your credibility out the window. Make sure to confirm all math with a second source if possible. Try to confirm all numbers to public record such as dockets, police logs or trial transcripts.