The Paralegals Role in the Voir Dire Process

March 26, 2012 — 2,853 views  
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The Voir Dire process is an integral component to legal steps taken in a court of law. It is the questioning process used for jury selection. Lawyers from both sides ask potential jurors a series of questions in order to select the individuals most likely to side with their case, under the supervision of the trial judge.

A paralegal works to prepare for the Voir Dire by preparing profiles for both the defendant and the victim. The files must highlight key demographic information such as sex, age, race, occupation, socioeconomic groups and other distinguishing characteristics and then works to identify the jurors that will most likely identify with these traits.

The paralegal will obtain the questionnaires filled out by each juror for the term by the court clerk in order to make these profile matches. As the Voir Dire is taking place, the paralegal will take notes on how each juror answers questions, their appearance and other pertinent traits that could signal how they would judge the client.