Effectively Preserving Electronically Stored Information Can Serve Companies Across the Country

April 25, 2012 — 1,734 views  
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Electronically Stored Information (ESI) can be difficult to preserve if an employee suddenly leaves a company, but you can follow these steps to ensure you maintain this data regardless of the situation.

Many businesses will give workers laptops, smartphones or mobile devices they can use to complete their daily assignments, and companies can reuse this equipment to control ESI. However, you should consider observing a waiting period to determine if the employee was subject to a legal hold as you set aside data to ensure it's not altered during a legal case.

This time frame serves as a safety net, offering you time to preserve ESI without the risk of deleting a former employee's emails. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to figure out the most effective way for your company to complete the data preservation effort.

Determining the value of maintaining this data can help your business develop ESI policies and regulations. If ESI affects your compliance, IT, legal department or records management, you should make sure you retain this information. Any data that could impact your daily operations should be preserved, because failing to do so could hurt you at a later date.