Contract Basics For Paralegals

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May 17, 2012 — 1,731 views  
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For paralegals, it's important to understand contract basics when working with clients. Contracts are what bind two parties together and ensure that all involved get what they expected out of the partnership. When beginning to craft such a document, a paralegal should work hard to properly define the purpose of the contract and the client's interests. This step may seem intuitive, but is nonetheless essential to the overall process.

After the goal has been identified, it's essential to conduct sufficient amounts of research and fact checking. Develop a checklist of items that the contract is meant to address - laws, document formation, conditions and situations that would constitute breaches in the agreement.

The main terms of the contract are extremely important, as this section includes data such as the work being performed, the price to be paid for the job, how payments will be made and the deadlines by which tasks need to be finished.

When the contract has been written and it features clear, precise terminology, both parties must agree to the arrangements and sign and date the document. Paralegals who fail to put the proper finishing touches on the contract and have the client sign the paper won't be protected in instances where breaches may be imminent.

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