Paralegals and Pearls - A Match Made in Fashion Heaven

Laura McDonald
September 25, 2008 — 1,639 views  
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Paralegals wear suits to work. Their jobs are professional in nature and it is important to dress appropriately with that sense of that business world. Ladies, carefully consider how you accessorize with jewelry for the office. A legal assistant's jewelry should be simple yet elegant.

What is the perfect jewelry selection for work? Pearls.

Resting among the oldest and most universal of gems is the pearl, shining in its many splendors. Pearls are symbolic of purity and chastity, the ultimate of feminine charm. Ancient Romans considered pearls a symbol of wealth and social standing. Pearls were also held in high esteem by the Greeks.

Fair maidens during the Dark Ages believed there was magic in the lustrous gems which would protect them from harm. These maidens often graced a favored noble knight with a strand. Knights thus favored would even wear those strands of pearls into battle. The royal courts of Europe were adorned with pearls. At one time, several European countries ordered that only nobility were allowed to wear pearls. Pearls are available in the entire color spectrum making them easily adaptable to any outfit. Rose' and silver/white pearls better compliment lighter skin tones. Pearls with a creamier hue or gold-tone flatter darker skin tones. Sharp business fashion is satisfied by stranding pearls in two different ways. The first way combines pearls of the same size and shape. The second option is a necklace of similarly shaped pearls, but graduating in size to the middle of the piece. A tip: wear necklaces no greater than 16-18" in length. This keeps another's focus automatically pulled upwards, toward the face, which is best for work communication. Another tip for paralegals when wearing pearl necklaces: add just a touch of gloss on your lips. A pearl necklace captures focal point attention, moving upwards, first to the subtle lip shine and upwards again to shining eyes. Pearls are beautiful jewelry staple for office wear. They are also very adaptable to many occasions in a woman's life. The petite gems are often a "rites of passage" gift for young ladies, such as a 16th or 21st birthday. Pearl necklaces can be either store-bought for such gifts, or hold the sentimental value of being handed down family generations.

Pureness is symbolized in weddings by white gowns, white lace...and pearls. The luminescent beads are worn by brides, ladies in the wedding party itself, and mothers of the bride and groom. Female wedding guests may also wear pearls.

Pearls are just as appropriate for other occasions, such as church services, or an evening at the opera. Add a pearl necklace to a social mixer outfit and the outfit is complete. Tiny pearl earrings can be worn anywhere for any occasion.

Pearls are quite literally gems that a woman can infuse into her wardrobe for many occasions in her life. Versatility of color hue makes mixing and matching a breeze. Combined with the pearl's history of symbolic purity and wealth, what better accessory is there for a paralegal to wear?

A paralegal will greatly benefit from simply adding pearls to her wardrobe. The benefits are both in the sense of appropriate business fashion, and to her as a beautiful woman. A woman's pearls shine, just like her eyes do, as she succeeds both professionally and personally. If you have not done so already, add pearls to your wardrobe today.

About the Author:

Laura McDonald is an experienced paralegal, living in Frankfort, KY, with her husband and youngest daughter. She works for the law firm of Michael L. Hawkins & Associates, PLLC (website: Laura's website is dedicated to encouraging young ladies to consider a career as a paralegal. Her website includes a fashion page with recommendations on career wear. Visit Laura's site at

Laura McDonald