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Accounting and Legal Issues With Estates and Trusts in Washington

Immediate online access to this 166 page manual.
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Avoid errors and penalties in trust and estate accounting - minimize your client's tax and heartache.

Save your clients' hard-earned money - and avoid legal battles - by learning trust and estate accounting essentials. Purchase these reference materials and let our experts show you how to transfer assets in a tax-efficient manner. Get the most up-to-date strategies to minimize your errors and your legal liability.

Stay up-to-date on current estate accounting issues and potential major tax changes down the road. Avoid penalties and interest by getting audit survival tips. Purchase these reference materials now to improve your trust and estate accounting accuracy and efficiency - because in today's volatile economy, every dollar counts!

Benefits for You
•Assist in structuring plans that appropriately cover the probable tax burden - save your clients money whenever possible
•Get sound advice on staying ethical and professional in questionable situations
•Tips for calculating the value of an estate ... and figuring out how this will affect income tax returns
•Become a better advisor - find out what you need to know about fiduciary responsibility

Learning Objectives
•You will be able to review Washington Trust Law.
•You will be able to describe grantor, nongrantor, simple and complex trusts.
•You will be able to discuss fiduciary disputes for trusts and estates.
•You will be able to explain income taxation of trusts and estates.


Moderator: Alan R. Souders, Souders Law Group
Claudia A. Gowan, Claudia A. Gowan, PLLC
Gary Holcomb, Berntson Porter & Company, PLLC
Robert W. Thorpe, AICP, R.W. Thorpe & Associates, Inc.
D. Douglas Titus, Law Office of D. Douglas Titus
Carla C. Wigen, J.D., CPA, LL.M., Wells Fargo Private Bank