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Workplace Investigations in Manitoba

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Protect your organization - handle the complexities of workplace investigations with ease.

Whether the issue is a harassment complaint, a threat of workplace violence or another workplace dispute - prompt, fair and thorough investigations are essential to your ability to make sound employment decisions and minimize legal risks. Most executives and HR professionals will have to conduct at least one formal investigation during their careers. And in today's legal environment, an investigation itself can create new or increased liability when handled incorrectly. These reference materials will ensure that you will be fully aware of your legal rights and responsibilities when dealing with these difficult issues.

These reference materials will provide you with practical guidance and actual experience in conducting effective workplace investigations. Get surefire techniques for conducting workplace investigations that are fair and legally defensible. Don't wait - order now to make sure you stay on the cutting-edge of your field.

Benefits for You
•Get tips for developing an investigation system
•Learn the essential elements of an effective investigation
•Successfully navigate post-investigation issues
•Discover how documentation can limit your liability for wrongful termination


Diana M. Chomichuk, BCom (Hons), CHRP, CMC, CACE, CFICA