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Employment-Related Records in Washington

Immediate online access to this 178 page manual.
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Protect your organization - know the ins and outs of employment-related records.

With these reference materials you can learn a hassle-free way to keep your records audit-ready. Purchase these reference materials and get the legal and practical information you need to ensure compliance with recordkeeping laws.

Developing and maintaining employment and business records are extremely important components of any organization's operations. Don't miss this opportunity to get advice on how to best address the records challenges that matter most to you.

Benefits for You
•Avoid ugly surprises - know exactly what recordkeeping is required at state and federal levels
•Improve your personnel file management with electronic storage best practices
•Effectively document employee conduct, performance and investigations
•Keep off the government's radar ... learn how to perform an I-9 self-audit
•Know your systems are compliant with regulations for retention and privacy and security of information

Learning Objectives
•You will be able to describe common handbook policy errors.
•You will be able to discuss why and how you should document employee performance.
•You will be able to explain how to properly enforce social media policies.
•You will be able to review the seven stages of e-discovery.


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