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How a Strategic HR Department Can Make Any Organization More Profitable in Ohio

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Be the tactical and strategic HR professional your company needs!

These reference materials will show human resource professionals what it really means to be a strategic partner and help contribute to the organization's bottom line. You will learn about the many myths HR people have been told about how to be a "strategic partner", including how to properly draft policies and use contracts to reserve rights for the employer and how to measure the ROI organizations get from their investment in labor. These reference materials will also cover how to more accurately choose and retain the right candidates for the job, and how to better communicate with employees - both the good ones and the "problem children".

These reference materials will reveal how to become a real strategic partner that directly contributes to the organization's bottom line in his own unique, practical, entertaining and humorous style.

Benefits for You
•Learn how HR can help the organization reach strategic goals and increase its profitability
•Financially measure the ROI the organization is getting on its cost of labor
•More effectively recruit the "right" candidate
•Increase the retention of good employees
•Effectively communicate with employees ... both good and bad


Scott Warrick, Esq., MLHR, CEQC, SPHR, Scott Warrick Consulting, Training & Employment Law Services