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Form 990 in Maryland

Immediate online access to this 262 page manual.
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Skillfully maneuver through federal and state regulations - know the ins and outs of Form 990.

Form 990 has been around for more than 50 years. Starting out as a simple two page form, it has now evolved into 12 pages, accompanied by a 99 page instruction booklet. Our experienced panel of local professionals will walk through Form 900 and answer your most pressing questions about Maryland regulations. Even if you have an accountant prepare your Form 990, you need to be aware of the information you will need to provide.

Get up to speed on financial reporting schedules, the new governance issues, and compensation discussion. You will also learn how to ensure a nonprofit organization has adequate systems in place to collect the information needed to complete the return and to address the new IRS focus on good governance. Don't wait - purchase these reference materials today to stay on the cutting-edge of your field.

Benefits for You
•Get an in-depth walk-through of Form 990
•Stay abreast of the latest issues and new rules facing tax-exempts today
•Avoid common errors in reporting income, expenses and activities
•Take the headaches out of Form 990 procedural considerations

Learning Objectives
•You will be able to describe what the parts are of the Form 990.
•You will be able to discuss governance issues.
•You will be able to explain schedule A, R, K, C, J and F.
•You will be able to review parts VII, VIII, IX and X.


Moderator: Kimberly C. Betterton, Ballard Spahr LLP
Philip M. Bogart, Saul Ewing LLP
Lori Burghauser, CPA, SC&H Tax & Advisory Services, LLC
Kathryn L. Cuddapah, CPA, Aronson LLC