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Change Orders in Washington

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Learn how to navigate through complex change order procedures - and prevent costly mistakes.

As a professional involved in construction projects, you know how important it is for change orders to accurately reflect the intent of all parties. Hastily negotiated and vaguely drafted change orders fail to express the intent of parties and - more often than not - lead to unwanted and unnecessary disputes.

Purchase these reference materials and learn about key issues you need to address when negotiating and evaluating change orders. Don't miss this timely opportunity to get the information you need to help your organization avoid the added time and expense of having to resolve and renegotiate unexpected claims when projects are completed. Order today.

Benefits for You
•Steer clear of disputes - get a practical approach to handling changes in the contract
•Learn strategies for approaching change orders ... and avoiding construction claims
•Save time and money - minimize the impact of delays and suspensions of work
•Get tips on using documentation to prevent construction claims

Learning Objectives
•You will be able to describe the different types of changes.
•You will be able to discuss legal issues involving change orders.
•You will be able to review the contractors and owners perspective of change order and claims management.
•You will be able to explain time issues resulting from changes in the work.


Moderator: Brett M. Hill, Ahlers & Cressman, PLLC
John P. Ahlers, Ahlers & Cressman, PLLC
Gregory A.V. Clark, Foster Pepper PLLC
Douglas R. Roach, Ahlers & Cressman, PLLC
Henry J. Spieker, Hainline & Associates, Inc.
Ryan W. Sternoff, Ahlers & Cressman, PLLC
Vanessa I. Williams, Navigant Consulting, Inc.