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Judgment Enforcement in Colorado

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In the current economy, every dollar counts ... make sure your client gets paid.

As the economy changes; strategies for collecting money while avoiding legal liability are becoming increasingly valuable. Relevant statutes and rules frequently only provide a summary statement of the remedies available to the judgment creditor, and the legal mechanisms for recovery. Purchase these reference materials to receive practical techniques and strategies for effectively utilizing those enforcement statutes, as well as the rules and procedures available to you or your client. Use our invaluable tips for successful judgment collection to maximize recovery. From the FDCPA rules to practical strategies, this is the most comprehensive judgment enforcement reference set you can get. Don't miss out - order today.

Benefits for You
•Successfully avoid costly violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
•Know what to do when a debtor files for bankruptcy
•Learn proven techniques for locating a debtor's assets
•Understand the wage garnishment procedure


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