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Tricks, Traps and Ploys Used in Construction Scheduling in Washington

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Stop construction nightmares in their tracks - get on the right track from the start.

Efficiently plan and construct your next project - purchase these reference materials and learn the special details of scheduling. You will get an understanding of contract provisions, scheduling methods, claims avoidance and dispute resolution that will help you stay out of trouble and keep your project on track.

In today's construction world, with budgets tightening and fewer projects available, there is very little financial margin in most bids to cover significant problems at the jobsite. At the same time, modern software has become so sophisticated and powerful that devastating delays and disruption can be virtually hidden until it is too late to take meaningful actions. Learn how to protect your and your client's interests by unveiling the methods used by schedulers to hide the truth and determine the real status of your project before the project spirals into a train wreck.

Purchase these reference materials to gain the practical insight you need to deal with any challenges that come your way, including tips on avoiding claims through better procedures. Don't wait - order today to make sure you stay on the cutting-edge of your field.

Benefits for You
•Properly address legal issues relevant to scheduling and recovery of delay damages
•Discover the magic behind a critical path method schedule
•Steer clear of claims through better internal procedures - partnering and risk management
•Get tips on interpreting standard contract provisions

Learning Objectives
•You will be able to describe types of delays and how to interpret contract provisions.
•You will be able to discuss legal issues relevant to recovery of delay damages.
•You will be able to explain critical method scheduling.
•You will be able to review how to avoid and resolve claims through better procedures.


Moderator: Ryan W. Sternoff, Ahlers & Cressman, PLLC
Tymon Berger, Ashbaugh Beal
Brett M. Hill, Ahlers & Cressman, PLLC
Lisa M. Marchese, Dorsey & Whitney LLP
Jim Omundson, P.E., Pinnell/Busch, Inc.
Steven S. Pinnell, P.E., Pinnell/Busch, Inc.
Curt Quick, Hainline & Associates, Inc.