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Understanding the Construction Bidding Process in Washington

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Copyright 2014
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Learn how to navigate through complex public bidding procedures - and prevent costly mistakes.

Are you a construction contractor or subcontractor considering bidding on public contracts, but want to understand the process better? Are you employed by a public agency that wants to take advantage of construction contracting options while minimizing the likelihood of protests? Are you an attorney who wants to help your client take advantage of public money available for construction projects?

If you answered yes to any of these questions - or if you just want to understand how public entities can achieve efficient and effective use of your tax dollars on public construction projects.

Benefits for You
- Explore the documents commonly included in an invitation for bids
- Learn how to select design professionals on public projects
- Discover how the competitive bidding process works
- Discover the role of subcontractors in the public bidding process


David C. Groff, Groff Murphy, PLLC Arnold R. Hedeen, Hedeen & Caditz, PLLC Alan R. Merkle, Stoel Rives LLP
Richard O. Prentke, Perkins Coie LLP