Seminar ID: 100491

Blue Sky Law Basics for Paralegals

Presented By:
Alan H. Aronson

Akerman LLP

You will Learn:

  • Starting points to analyze a transaction
  • How to complete a Form D filing
  • Which activities may involve federal and state securities filings

Blue sky compliance is not just about filling out a form. Blue sky compliance requires the skill set to be able to recognize and understand the issues, research the complexities involved, obtain all relevant factual information from a variety of sources, compile all such information, and accurately and completely prepare and file any and all requisite filings within a relatively short prescribed time period. Any missteps, including not properly recognizing and analyzing the issues, can have draconian effects. This 10-minute preview of our on-demand webinar, "Blue Sky Laws: Basics for Paralegals," will help those dealing with securities matters, to understand the blue sky laws, the complexities involved, and to assist those attending in acquiring the requisite skill set to ensure blue sky compliance.