Seminar ID: 100288

Jury Selection: Top Five Tips for Paralegals

Presented By:
Dennis P. Stolle

President &Trial Consultant, ThemeVision LLC
Barnes & Thornburg LLP

You will Learn:

  • Jury selection is one of the most stressful aspects of a jury trial.
  • Decisions made during jury selection can potentially determine the outcome of a trial.
  • Good jury selections should be a team effort.
  • Good jury selections require advance planning and a high degree of organization.
  • Paralegals can and should be an integral part of the jury selection team.

Many trial lawyers say that jury selection is the most stressful part of a jury trial. This is understandable because jury selection involves trying to make a positive first impression while simultaneously making multiple, difficult, and critically important decisions, often under extreme time pressure. Those critical decisions can potentially determine the outcome of a trial. This 10-minute webinar provides the top five tips for how paralegals can help alleviate some of that stress and help ensure an effective jury selection process. Learn key tasks that paralegals can undertake relating to the preparation for jury selection and the jury selection process itself.