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What Are Your Rights When OSHA Shows Up?

Live Webinar
January 18, 2022
1:00 pm ET (12 pm CT, 11 am MT, 10 am PT)
1 hour 5 minutes
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OSHA Has Changed Its Enforcement Efforts and Focus
  • OSHA’s Emphasis on Certain Industries and Activities Affect Your Likelihood of Being Inspected and the Target Areas
  • OSHA’s 2015 Injury Reporting Requirements and Whistle-Blower Initiatives Have Exposed New Groups of Employers to the Likelihood of OSHA Inspections
  • OSHA’s Focus Affects Your Prevention and Compliance Efforts, as Well as How You Will Manage the Inspection
If the Employer Hasn’t Prepared, They Cannot Effectively Manage the Inspection
  • Upper Management or Corporate’s Role
  • Frontline Management’s Role
  • Essential Procedures and Training
  • Role of Corporate and Site Safety Programs and Procedures
  • Using Not Misusing, Ongoing Safety Self-Auditing
The Opening Conference
  • Why Is OSHA Present? Agreeing to the Scope of Inspection
  • Staffing: Who Should Be the Spokesperson? Who Should Accompany OSHA?
  • Different Roles of the Safety Professional
The Walkaround
  • Why and How to Take Notes and Photographs
  • Industrial Hygiene Testing and the Renewed Need for Parallel Monitoring
  • What to Do About Potential Violations Identified by the Compliance Officer
  • Multiemployer Sites: How Not to Manage Other Employers on Site
  • Preservation of Evidence, Samples, and Recreations
  • The Careful Handling of Nonmanagement Interviews
  • Identifying and Managing Supervisor Interviews
Document Requests
  • Importance of Establishing a Reasonable Timetable and Process for Responding
  • Limits on What an Employer Must Provide
  • Common Challenges: Self-Audits, Trade Secrets, Accident Investigations, and Attorney-Client and Work Product Protected Materials
  • Less Common Demands: Temporary Employees, Combustible Dust, History of Monitoring, and Ergonomics
The Closing Conference
The Informal Conference and Appeals
  • Understanding the Informal Conference and How to Use It
  • State-OSHA Plan Differences
  • Who to Take to the Informal Conference
  • Evidence Gathering
  • Explanation of Abatement Efforts and Add-on Commitments
  • When to Contest
  • Informal Settlement Agreements
  • The Next Steps After Contest
  • Parallel Criminal Investigations, Corporate Wide Settlements and Challenges, Effects on Bidding and Rating Services


Live Webinar$149Register Now