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Payroll Cards: Today, Tomorrow and the Future

OnDemand Webinar (27 minutes)

Many business owners carry the burden of doing their own payroll for their business. Payroll is likely one of the biggest expenses business owners incur and one that can cause the most headaches. Whether you have one employee or hundreds, you have a legal obligation to pay your employees accurately and on time. While that's intuitive, there are many other not-so-obvious legal payroll requirements that may not be.

This course educates business owners on what to look for when it comes to a payroll processor. Business owners now have a new resource to help them better manage their payroll. The Merchant Bill of Rights Payroll Act is designed to promote fairness and transparency in payroll processing. It educates business owners about the many facets of payroll and what they should expect from their processor.


Mark K. Strippy, Heartland Payment Systems, Inc.


The Merchant Bill of Rights Payroll Act

What to Look for When It Comes to a Payroll Processor

New Resources to Help Better Manage Your Payroll

What Should You Expect From Your Processor?

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