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Strategies to Access, Interpret and Get Results From Your Company's Health Care Data

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

The "old fashioned way" no longer works. Most firms still operate health plans the old fashioned way without connecting the dots between plan data and predictable health risk exposures - even though studies show that over 70 percent of costly illnesses are predictable. Under the old fashioned scenario, plans are still administrated without the benefit of leading edge technology that easily measures and manages workforce health risk that is based on member engagement and automation.

Cost shifting is not cost control. Today, the most frequently used plan design solution, cost shifting to employees, is not real health cost control. Effective plan design changes are based on data-driven analytics that provide insight into plan trends, risk patterns and costs. Actionable cost management strategies are made mostly in a vacuum without reliance on risk profiles, predictive modeling, dashboards and similar technologies used to manage every other aspect of a corporation except health care.

Real-time data analysis leads to simpler, smarter management. Forward-thinking business leaders need technology to simplify plan performance management, by using data-driven strategies to better understand and predict with greater accuracy what's going on in their health plan.

This OnDemand Webinar will help the people whose money is paying for corporate health care, those responsible for writing the large monthly checks as well as those in charge of managing employee benefit plans. Discover how plan sponsors can effectively measure and manage their plans while at the same time placing individual participants at the center of improved health outcomes. This program also highlights that with a regular flow of information from connected data points to dashboards, previously disconnected data is converted into "business intelligence" that enables a simpler, smarter way to manage health plan performance and control health costs. This program is critical for those who are having difficulty understanding what they are paying for now and those still trying to determine why they continue to pay more for health care the following year.


Keith Lemer, WellNet Healthcare Group



• Knowledge of the Health Care

• Market Inefficiencies and Lack of Competition

• Timeliness of Information

• Aggregation of Data

• Lack of Solutions


• Access to Information

• Real-Time Benefit Management

• Proactive Solutions

• Member Engagement

What Does Success Look Like?