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2011 California Payroll Tax Changes

OnDemand Webinar (72 minutes)

California seems to be an island unto itself when it comes to payroll reporting. They choose when and how they want to comply with federal guidance around the taxation of fringe benefits and if they want to follow federal employment tax cases. The California unemployment insurance system has been pillaged and plundered due to the high level of unemployment in the state. California is also known for its' wacky reporting requirements that may not be instituted in any other state.

This course helps anyone doing business in California understand the complex payroll reporting requirement in the state. Any new cases or reporting requirements that were instituted in 2011 will be discussed, as well as the areas where California does not conform to federal or has disparate treatment. This program is critical for employers who have California employees to insure that they are in compliance with any changes to payroll reporting for 2011. Recent labor cases will also be addressed, as well as tax cases that affect your California labor force.


Mindy Harada, Armanino McKenna LLP


The State of the State

• The Unemployment Insurance Fund

• The Disability Fund

• Personal Income Tax

Independent Contractor Reporting

• Why the EDD Requires It

• What Are Your Obligations?

Fringe Benefits

• When California Doesn't Conform to Federal

- Health Care Reform

- Domestic Partner Benefits

• Areas of Focus During Audit

SUTA Dumping

• Audit Activity Still Occurring

• Restructure/Merger/Acquisition in the Past Three Years?