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Enhance Your Classroom with SMART Boards®

OnDemand Webinar (93 minutes)

SMART Boards® are now the new 'normal' for 21st-century classrooms, but this incredible resource is misunderstood and under-utilized, on a massive scale. So let's redefine what 'effective best practices' are for SMART Board®, and let's learn a few easy steps we can take to improve SMART Board® use. This OnDemand Webinar is different. Instead of a whirlwind tour through a maze of resources, let's take an in-depth look at just three, simple, powerful resources that can singlehandedly transform SMART Board® use- no matter what you teach. Likewise, instead of a barrage of dizzying features, tips, and tricks, let's look closely at three simple basic, often-missed SMART Board® skills... and in doing so, let's identify and correct some common "stumbling blocks." In short, let's enhance our classrooms with SMART Boards®!


Mark Bennett, aka “Mr. B,” the SMART Board® Guru, M. Bennett Consulting, LLC


SMART Boards®: The Core Concepts, Usually Misunderstood

• Let's Redefine SMART Boards®

• What Is the Single Most Important Tool on Your SMART Board®?

• Key Question: What Are Your Students Doing?   

Three 'Wickedly Powerful, Extraordinarily Useful SMART Board® Resources That Are Fast, Fun … and Surprisingly Easy

• Sorting

• Matching

• Arranging

Three Simple SMART Board® Skills You Need to Reach the ‘Next Level'

• Touch

• Selection

• Navigation