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Identifying and Teaching Gifted Students

OnDemand Webinar (51 minutes)

Many teachers do not understand how to either identify or teach academically talented or highly creative students. Many educators have not had the opportunity to learn how to modify or differentiate instruction or curriculum or develop programming opportunities to challenge students at the higher levels of achievement. This on-demand webinar help educators understand some basic definitions of giftedness, as well as some introductory methods to identify students with demonstrated talents and gifts or the potential to develop those talents. The on-demand webinar also explains the Schoolwide Enrichment Model, one of the most widely used approaches for identifying high potential and encouraging talent development in all students. This on-demand webinar is important for educators who are interested in learning how to challenge all students so that continuous progress and achievement can occur for all students.


Sally M. Reis, Ph.D., University of Connecticut


Defining Giftedness and Talent Development

• Various Definitions of Giftedness (Federal, NAGC, Renzulli, Sternberg)

• The Ways That Definitions and Identification and Programming Decisions Interact

• The Necessity for Internal Consistency Among Definition, Identification and Programming Decisions

Identification of Gifted and Talented Students and the Gifts and Talents of All Students

• Traditional Identification Systems

• Matrix Identification Systems (Benefits and Drawbacks)

• Renzulli and Reis - the Talent Pool Approach

Teaching Gifted and Talented Children

• Modifying Curriculum and Instruction in the Classroom

• Developing Programs for Gifted and High Potential Students

• Challenging All Students Using the Renzulli and Reis Schoolwide Enrichment Model