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Creating a Communications Plan for Nonprofits

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Don't have a working communication plan in place? Learn how to create an effective, applicable plan in 10 simple steps.

This on-demand webinar is an intensive training program to walk you through the steps of building an effective communication plan to support your organizational goals, no matter what they may be.

The plan will be broken down into segments to define and set goals, identify target audience and key media channels (news and social media), as well as a project management timeline for implementing and maintaining communication in a clear and consistent manner.

The anticipated outcome of this on-demand webinar is to bring focus to your reasoning behind your communications, formulate a strategy, align communications throughout the organization and maintain ongoing goal setting to evaluate progress.

The on-demand webinar is designed with an equal emphasis on strategy and execution of planning.


Jaci Clement, Fair Media Council


Preparing to Create Your Plan

• Determine What You Want to Communicate

• Define Goals

• Determine Audience

Creating Your Plan

• 10 Steps to Build Your Plan

• Determine Your Communication Team

• Assess Proper Outreach Channels, Including News and Social Media

Assessing Success

• Memorable Messaging

• Measuring Impact

• Incorporating Feedback