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Charitable Bargain Sale Fundamentals

OnDemand Webinar (56 minutes)

This ondemand webinar will cover the steps needed to complete a charitable bargain sale and keep you or your client's foundation compliant.

Bargain sales represent an important technique for philanthropic support for charitable organizations. However, many clients who are charitable organizations and/or donors to charitable organizations do not understand the rules governing charitable bargain sales. They also do not understand how to successfully complete a bargain sale gift. This ondemand webinar will define and explain the benefits of charitable bargain sales, providing many specific examples. The ondemand also shares the important steps to successfully complete a charitable bargain sale. Failing to accurately complete a bargain sale may disqualify the potential tax benefits for clients. This ondemand webinar is critical for advisors and charitable organizations to understand the important uses and requirements to complete bargain sale transactions.


Philip M. Purcell, Esq, Ball State University Foundation


Definition and Benefits of Charitable Bargain Sale

• Definition of Bargain Sale

- Tax Code Requirements

- Situations When Attractive for Charitable Organizations

• Income Tax Benefit

• Capital Gains Tax Benefit

How to Complete a Charitable Bargain Sale

• Due Diligence

- Marketability of Asset

- Liability Concerns

• Valuation

- Appraisal Rules

- IRS 8283 Form

• Completion

- Contract to Document Terms and Donative Intent

- Deed of Transfer

Special Considerations

• Debt-Encumbered Property

• Like-Kind Bargain Exchanges

• Installment Bargain Sales

• Bargain Sales and Split Interest Gift Techniques: Charitable Gift Annuities, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Pooled Income Funds, Charitable Lead Trusts

• Unrelated Business Income Tax

• Specific Bargain Sale Transactions