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Security Without the Hype: An Update on Cyber Threats, Proactive Security Management and Breach Response

OnDemand Webinar (82 minutes)

Learn how to have both a proactive data security strategy and an effective reactive data security response plan.

Almost every organization faces the threat of a data breach, whether it's a cyber-attack by a criminal group, hacktivists, or a foreign government. This ondemand webinar will cover what lawyers need to know in order to effectively represent clients facing a data breach. A lawyer's work starts with reducing the likelihood of a breach by considering security in all aspects of legal work and understanding the security expectations of consumers and regulatory agencies such as the FTC. Once a breach occurs, a lawyer must minimize the consequences of that breach by supervising the breach response, focusing on questions of legal significance, and providing timely notification compliant with relevant state and federal laws. In the aftermath of a breach, lawyers must be prepared to face litigation and be well-versed in current standing theories that have been successful in court. This ondemand webinar will help you understand both proactive security strategies and effective reactive security response. Given the technology background of the presenter, it will also be heavily focused on the all important legal/liability to tech team translation -- it cannot be emphasized enough that these groups rarely speak the same language.


Amy S. Mushahwar, ZwillGen PLLC


Why Do Data Breaches Occur?

• The Threat Landscape: Criminal Groups, Hack-Enthusiasts/Hacktivists, and Foreign Governments

• Financial Motivation

• Methods of Attack

What Can Lawyers Do to Reduce Your Likelihood of a Breach or Exposure From a Breach?

• Understanding FTC Expectations

• Training Employees

• Understanding Contractual Commitments

• Advising Product/Business People of the Risks and Consequences of Poor Security

• Considering Security in All Aspects of Legal Work - Product Decisions, Contracts, M&A, Outsourcing, Marketing

• Supervising Effective Breach Response

Data Breach Lifecycle: How to Respond?

• Importance of Effective Response

• Time Line Information

• Focus on Questions of Legal Significance

• Notice and Disclosure Requirements

• Aftermath of a Breach

• Catching/Suing/Prosecuting the Hacker ... Yeah Right

What's New in Breach Response Law?

• Federal and State Changes to Data Breach Notification Laws

• Continuing Evolution of Article III Standing Theories

• Payment Card Data Breach Update