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The Employers' Rights and Responsibilities When an Employee is Involved in Domestic Violence

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Be aware of your obligations when an employee is involved in a domestic violence situation.

Family abuse and violence is a subject that is not easily addressed because many people deny its existence and magnitude. Employers have trouble facing the possibility of having to deal with the serious effects it has on their employees personally and professionally, and that the organization pays the price; at the same time they must ensure state and federal compliance. When considering workplace impact and the consequences to our communities, this issue cannot be overlooked.

This ondemand webinar illustrates costs to business - spanning from lost productivity to devastating lawsuits and provides guidance to organizations, of all sizes, to understand laws which make our workplaces safe, supportive and sought-after, and the empowerment to put it all into action.


Stephanie Angelo, SPHR, SCP, Human Resource Essential


Who Is Affected? - The Scope of the Problem

• Sharp Pencil to Paper - a Realistic Look at Costs Associated to DV

• Previous Litigation and Case Studies

• State and Federal Compliance/DV Laws

• Negligent Retention and Negligent Hiring

Who Does This?

• Myths (Or Common Beliefs) and Theories of Batterers

• Myths (Or Common Beliefs) and Facts of Victims

• Cues and Indicators

• Referral Sources

How You Respond

• Answers to FAQs and the "Fear Factor"

• Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Relationship to Your Organization

• Orders of Protection/Injunctions Against Harassment

• Policies and Procedures

• Workplace Violence Prevention (WVP) Program