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Attorney's Guide to Oilfield Drilling, Completion and Production Operations, and Equipment

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Acquire basic knowledge of terms and concepts associated with oil field equipment and operations to accurately assist your clients' queries.

Clients often retain lawyers to address legal issues relating to oil and gas operations. These legal issues may involve personal injury, environmental, intellectual property, product liability, labor, breach of contract, mineral rights, property damage and maritime disputes, to name a few. Most attorneys lack a basic understanding of the industry and the terminology used in the industry. This topic will help attorneys understand the basics of oil and gas drilling, completion and production operations and the equipment used for such operations. Industry resources, as well as common terminology and acronyms, will also be addressed to help attorneys locate, decipher, and understand helpful industry reports and literature such as daily drilling reports and technical journals. Attorneys who are looking to improve their working knowledge of oilfield operations, concepts and equipment will benefit from this information.


Dean Lechtenberger, Winston & Strawn LLP


Oilfield Professionals

• Operators

• Drilling Contractors

• Oilfield Services

Types of Wells

• Geological Formations and Characteristics of Oil and Gas Wells

• Onshore and Offshore Wells

• Exploration and Development Wells

• Injection or Disposal Wells

• Vertical, Directional, Horizontal, and Multi-Lateral Wells

How to Drill a Well

• Types of Drilling Rigs

• Drilling Operations, Systems and Equipment

• Logging Operations

• Casing and Cementing

How to Complete a Well

• Open-Hole vs. Cased Hole Completions

• Perforating

• Fracking

• Gravel Packing and Acidizing

• Single and Multi-Zone Completions

How to Produce a Well

• Natural Flow

• Artificial Lift Equipment

• Secondary Recovery Examples

• Tertiary Recovery Examples

Oilfield Resources

• Industry Resources

• Common Oilfield Terms

• Common Oilfield Acronyms