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Oklahoma Sales Tax: Update and High Points

OnDemand Webinar (96 minutes)

Know your Oklahoma sales and use tax reporting obligations and keep your company compliant.

Receive a brief overview of sales and use tax, an update to recent developments, and some of the most important applications of Oklahoma Sales Tax. Receive practical information to apply to your business, both to minimize exposure and tax liability and to produce cash savings.


Brent L. Watson, CPA, Grant Thornton LLP


Overview of Oklahoma Sales Tax

• What Is Sales Tax and Use Tax, and the Difference Between Them

• On What Transactions Are These Taxes Imposed?

• Defaults, Exclusions, and Exemptions

Update of Recent Developments

• Legislative Developments

• Other Developments

Major Applications to Oklahoma Businesses

• General

- Use Tax Accruals and Direct Payment Permits

- Exemption Certificates

- Sales Tax Software: Transactional and Reporting

- Local Tax Issues

• Distributors

• Manufacturers

• Contractors

- Comparison: Service Providers, Retailers/Rentals, Contractors, Fabricators

• Service Providers