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Fundamentals of Real Property and the Legal Descriptions Thereof

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Learn the fundamental concepts of title to real property and an overview of the legal descriptions contained in a land transaction.

Discover the relationship of land titles and legal descriptions with the records of the County Recorder (State Law) and the records of the public domain (federal law). Gain an understanding of constructive notice and understand what rights are included in the title to real property. Learn the source of the authority for government agencies to convey an interest in real property. Learn the basic estates or interest in real property. You will also learn what types of title insurance policies there are and what is covered.


James Dorsey, PLS, James Dorsey, PLS


Definition of Real Property, Bundle of Rights, Statute of Frauds

Source of Title

• Commonwealth States

• Public Land States

• Other States

Estates and Interests in Real Property

Title Insurance

• Types of Coverage

Definition of Land Subject to Entry Under Federal Rule

• Equal Footing Doctrine

Land Transaction Documents Are Contracts

Recording Laws

• Constructive Notice and Actual Notice

Types of Legal Descriptions

Definition of Chain

• Aliquot Parts,

• Nominal Section, Area