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Implementing a Successful Policy for Notary-Employee Development

OnDemand Webinar (83 minutes)

Having the right notary policies and procedures protects the notary and business.

Whether you are getting started, or already established as a notary public employee, this topic covers important and timely topics that you will want to be aware of. You will get a great update on the often overlooked general issues currently affecting Notaries and their employers. Walk away with a number of tips and ideas to improving this important and evolving position. This topic will provide those who manage and deal with notary public positions with the confidence when signing and a better understanding of the important principles of proper notarization.


Valerie Barrett, Notary Docs


What Is a Notary Public?

Elements of a Notarization

• Witnessing a Signature

• Witnessing a Signature Under Oath

• How to Administer an Oath or Affirmation

• What You as a Notary Public Can and Can't Do

Certified Copy - of a Document

What Kind of Journal Do I Need to Keep?

• Does Your State Require It?

• What a Sequential Journal Means

• Personal Knowledge Not Permitted in CA

• Notation That the Notarization Was Not Completed and Reason




• Cases

Undue Influence Civil Code

• Undue Influence Probate and Welfare Institution Code

• Any Additions or Corrections Made to the Document

Capacity in General

Powers of Attorney

• What They Mean?

• How Are They Used?

Private Employers

• Agreement to Pay Premiums

• Costs of Supplies

• Limitation on Provision of Notarial Service

Taking Depositions

• How Are Depositions Taken?

• Title and Cause

• Date of Official Act