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Managing Life Insurance in a Trust Setting

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

In volatile markets, look under the hood of life insurance with an industry expert as your guide.

Managing life insurance has been harder this last year than any year in recent memory, with volatile equity markets and historic low interest rates that have damaged policy performance and unprecedented cost of insurance (COI) increases causing premiums on policies to more than double overnight. In this volatile environment most trustees are in need of insight to adequately manage life insurance, which needs specialized knowledge in a number of skill sets, including not only policy management, but TOLI administration. This topic will provide you with a background in life insurance policy management and outline the prudent processes to manage the policy and trust to maximize the benefit to the beneficiary, while mitigating liability for the trustee in this increasingly litigious society. Vital for trustees - this session is also relevant for other professionals (attorney's, CPAs and life insurance agents) who might advise on trust owned life insurance (TOLI) policies.


Michael Brohawn, CFP, CLU, ITM TwentyFirst


Evolution of Life Insurance Policies

• How Policies Work

• Actual Policy Performance vs. Expectations

• Understanding the Unprecedented Cost of Insurance (COI) Increases Occurring Right Now

Policy Suitability - How to Select the Correct Policy for Your Client

• Premium Flexibility

• Investment Risk

• Cash Value Growth

• Is There a "Best" Policy?

How to Develop the Best Procedures Needed to Manage a Life Policy (in a Trust Setting)

• Policy Monitoring

• Trust Administration

• Documents and Documentation

• Systems and Procedures Needed

Policy Remediation

• Dealing With the Problem Policy

• How to Deal With the Problem Grantor

Mitigating Trustee Liability

• Regulation and Case Law Provides Direction

Real Life Case Studies- an Analysis of Real Life Problems and Their Solutions